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(RED- 2014/53/EU)

5G speed will bring global data volume to a new height

Off local storage, cloud computing, information presentation and global internet.


With the advent of 5G era and the arrival of big data era, many of our life styles and production modes will be changed. In addition to the growing demand of global consumers for viewing content and speed on wireless network devices and mobile devices, the production of medical devices and public safety is expected to be the early beneficiaries of 5G. Smart factories will connect the entire supply chain and will revolutionize the manufacturing process. The doctor-patient relationship and the traditional way we think healthcare is going to change. First aid workers will have new technology and lifesaving functions.


As the most powerful 5G standard and technology in China, many domestic manufacturers already have very high-quality products and are looking to the overseas market, and the demand of European market is also expanding. Before the wireless products can be legally sold in EU countries, must carry out the test according to the RED directive to obtain approval, and must also have CE mark. Wireless remote control products must meet the requirements of RED directive red 2014 / 53 / EU.


ECM is the notification body authorized by the EU to have the authorization of the red 2014 / 53 / EU directive.


RED – 2014 / 53 / EU certification scope

1. Short distance wireless remote control products (SRD) such as remote control toy car, remote alarm system, remote doorbell, remote switch, remote mouse, keyboard, etc.

2. Professional radio remote control products (PMR), such as: professional wireless walkie talkie, wireless microphone, etc.

3. Radio phone CTO, CT1, CT1+

4. ISDN (digital telephone products)

5. DECT (enhanced digital radio telephone)

6. Mobile phone GSM, CDMA test

7. Bluetooth products such as Bluetooth headset.

8. Inductive data transmission equipment with operating frequency less than 9 kHz.

9. Radio broadcasting receiver equipment


Test items

1. Electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC test)

2. Test LVD (also required for RF products with battery input)

3. Radio communication equipment test (RF test) according to European ETSI standard

4. Notification of permissible spectrum in Europe

5. CTR (TBR) test

6. Electrical safety and health protection test (SAR assessment)


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